Aug 132010
Monsoon Vulkano starts Shipping today

We just talked to the guys over at Monsoon Multimedia and the Vulkanos started shipping out today.   For some it has been a long time coming.  For others who pre-ordered they almost made it in the timeframe that was originally posted. Although we don’t know how many pre-orders they have to process they did say  […]

Jul 272010

Yesterday we broke the news that Monsoon Multimedia has a new website and are taking  pre-orders for Vulkano. Today they officially announced it in a press release. Here is the release in full. Vulkano – World’s First Universal and Affordable Video Platform for Smartphones, PC/Macs, iPads and TVs Vulkano Integrates Multiple Disruptive Technologies – DVR, […]

Welcome to the Monsoon Multimedia Community

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Jul 212010
Welcome to the Monsoon Multimedia Community

You may have heard about Monsoon Multimedia Hava or Vulkano products and are wondering “what is this all about?” Just what is this? By simply connecting a Monsoon device to any TV or video source, you can stream the live TV signal over your home network to any connected PC or mobile phone. If you […]