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Vulkano Firmware 88/585093 « Vulkano Firmware « Downloads
Date postedOctober 19, 2010
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CategoriesVulkano Firmware

Check the PDF included in this ZIP file for instructions.

General Enhancements:

1. NTSC Composite output is now supported.

TV Out Setup Enhancements:

1. Signal strength indicator is shown beside the wireless network name.
2. User can give the Wireless radio a Static IP from advanced setup.
3. IR code learned and uploaded from PC Setup Wizard can be selected in TV Out.
4. Users can Skip the EPG configuration now. (The Guide button will disappear from the Main Menu)
5. Added the option to Skip the IR configuration.

TV Out EPG Enhancements:

1. To navigate to a specific channel in the EPG, enter the numbers using the remote control. If the desired channel does not exist in the EPG, selection moves to closest channel.
2. EPG Program Info bar (press the GREEN button in EPG view) shows the currently selected Program description and timings.
3. Show title is displayed at the top of the screen while you navigate the EPG, so that you can see show titles which are cut off in the grid display.
4. Incremental EPG data downloads every day and has 14 days of data every time.

Manual scheduled recordings:

1. Manual recording (Scheduled Recording without EPG) is available from “My Recordings->Schedule Now”.
2. In Live TV, press the Yellow button to call up the Manual Recording dialog.
3. Use the number keys on the remote to enter the recording name, cell-phone style.

Issues resolved:

1. Adhoc recordings made from PC are playable on TV now.
2. Firmware update mechanism made more reliable.
3. USB is supported as a storage device for Recording (if eSATA is not plugged in).
4. Missing channels in EPG are resolved.
5. Holes in EPG caused by “To Be Announced” are resolved.
6. Totally blank EPG screen resolved.

Known Issues:

1. Audio/Video synchronization in Live TV takes a few minutes to become stable after rebooting.
2. You may see duplicate listings in the EPG for standard-definition and HD channels which are the same broadcast.
3. Sometimes, a YouTube clip may terminate prematurely, but audio still plays. After that audio stops, now all audio output from the TV doesn’t work. To resolve this, restart the main TV program by pressing the red “Power” button on the remote. After a few seconds you will be back at the main menu.
4. Problem with Wi-Fi configuration if there is any special character (punctuation) in the SSID.
5. Remote Access configuration test fails (even if Remote Access configuration succeeded) if you have a special character in the Vulkano Device Password.
6. Aspect ratio for Composite output is stretched vertically.