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Vulkano Blast Firmware V36/803325 « Vulkano Firmware « Downloads
Version36803325 (2012.01.03)
Date postedJanuary 7, 2012
Downloaded185 times
CategoriesVulkano Firmware
Zip file containing Vulkano Blast Firmware V36/803325 (2011.09.19)

It is recommended you update the kernel first and then the other.

* Run Vulkano Setup Wizard on PC/Laptop.
* Enter your Password when prompted and Click on Next.
* Skip Firmware Update Prompt.(If prompted).
* Click on Advanced
* Click on Upgrade
* Click on Firmware Tab
* Click on Browse and Browse to Kernel File (which you have downloaded from the above link)
* Click on Update and wait for it to update.
* Now Click on Browse again and Select Firmware File (which you have downloaded and un Zipped from the link)
* Click on Update.
* Once Updated check the Firmware version.
* When confirmed, Exit the Wizard