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Record Dish Network DVR 625 Content to Hard Drive?
November 30, 2010
1:50 pm
Active Member
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Member Since:
November 30, 2010

Dear Sirs,
This is a newbie question and I am very sorry if this is a question that has been asked before.
I looked around this forum and couldnt find a definitive answer to the following question.
I have a Son who is presently on his 3rd deployment to a remote region where American military personell have limited access to any type of TV.
I would like to be able to record TV programming and send it to him on a disk so that he can watch it on some type of player on his PC.
I have a DISH Network Player-DVR 625 TV receiver that allows us to watch what I believe is an encrypted satellite TV signal that can be stored on a linux varient formatted drive.
The code used to encrypt the signal comes from a smart card installed on the DVR and validated from time to time via a phone line which is also connected to the DVR.
Can a "Moonsoon/Vulkano Device", be hooked up to one of the outputs of the reciever so that I can record TV shows which could be placed on an external drive and mailed to my Son for playback.
If so, could you tell me which components to purchase?
I am not a hacker and am looking for a legal solution to my sons need.
I dont care if the drive I send to my Son, needs to be encrypted or not encrypted.
I am willing to pay for a legal solution to this problem.
My Son lives with me and would be watching the same signal that I pay for and would send to him if he wasnt deployed.
Once again Thank You for reading/responding to this question.
If the "Moonsoon/Vulkano" device will not perform this task, do you have any idea on how I can accomplish this task using other equipment.
Thank You

November 30, 2010
2:48 pm
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
July 29, 2010

yukon37:  Right out of the box the Vulkano series of devices can do what you want but would require some technical expertise.  There would be two or three approaches to consider for your situation to provide recorded shows from a Vulkano attached to your DISH VIP 625 DVR.  The first option would be to record initially all your shows to an external hard drive, preferably the 500GB or 1 terabyte eSATA sold with the Vulkano Deluxe.  Once each show or group of shows have been scheduled through the Vulkano scheduler and recorded, they can be transferred to a default directory on your PC set up as a part of the Vulkano PC player software installation.  The transferred shows are all in high quality MP4 format that can be played back by a number of media player software packages, with the free VLC program being my favorite.  Note that these video files in MP4 format use a naming syntax that does not include the name of the show recorded but a series of digits in the file name, I believe.  I don't remember the syntax at the moment since I am at work and not at my home PC where I have the Vulkano PC player software installed.  You might possibly be able to have your son install a copy of this software on a PC at his end and restore the transferred video files to their Vulkano directories on that PC and have them be playable.  Probably wouldn't be that easy and untested at this point.  This is all new territory for us with this unique but not finished product.


Second opton:  Of course the ideal set up for your son would be to have a good fast internet connection at his end and use the Vulkano PC player software to transfer the recorded video shows directly to his direct Internet connected PC.  Either you or he could schedule the programs to record.

OK, those were the easiest optons requiring the least technical approach to providing your son with shows to view.  The third option would be to unplug the eSATA drive after shows are recorded on it and then attach to a PC that has an eSATA port and is able to read an EXT3 disk storage format, usually associated with computers running the Linux (Ubuntu being a favorite) operating system.  Not an easy or simple option but thought I would mention.

There is a fourth option you may wish to consider and that is to record shows directly to your PC that is running the Vulkano PC player software but is a very manual process requiring you to schedule one show at time, setting the time period for the recording. When each recording is done, you schedule the next one.  A little more time consuming but would work and is simple to do.

Let me know your thoughts and we can discuss more after you review my suggestions.  Of course, there may be others in this forum that would also share their ideas wiith you. - Craig

November 30, 2010
3:40 pm
Minnesota, USA
Forum Posts: 11
Member Since:
November 22, 2010

No for the first option.

The shows transferred by a Dish Network DVR to an external hard drive will be encrypted.  Frown

The remote Vulcano PC player option is probably the best.  Manually recording the shows, one at a time, will work also.  Cool

December 1, 2010
8:33 am
Active Member
Forum Posts: 10
Member Since:
November 30, 2010

Thank You both for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate the information and guidance although I'm still a little confused.

If I understand you both correctly the Vulkano delux will record the output from the Dish Network DVR625 but it could be in an encrypted format rendering it unreadable. Is that correct?
Or, will it render the recorded shows in an unencrypted mp4 format. Is that correct?

The interet connection at my Sons duty station is very bad and would not support a large file transfer and that's why I would need to place the recorded files on an external disc. If I send him an external 1 TB drive how much viewing time for shows can I expect to get on the drive.

Is it realistic to record the shows one at a time from a PC that is running the Vulkano PC player one at a time, rename the files to reflect the content and transfer the files to a drive that can be shipped to my Son.

Does the drive need to be the eSata drive supplied with the Vulkano Deluxe or can it be any USB external drive attached to the PC ?

Does the Vulkano Deluxe decrypt the Dish Network stream so that it can be usable or does it just record it in an encrypted format?

Thank You for clarifying thoughts for me. I want to ensure that money is spent wisely before embarking on a project.

December 1, 2010
12:11 pm
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
July 29, 2010

Yukon727: I believe I may have been misunderstood by Bnborg and you in regards to any use of your DISH VIP  625 for recordings.  No recordings are being created on the hard drive of your DISH VIP 625 DVR.  You just as well could use a DISH VIP 222 Receiver attached to your Vulkano Platinum.

The options I offerd places all control with the Monsoon Vulkano Platinum to record shows to either an external hard drive attached to it, or to a desktop/laptop computer where the shows are recorded directly to the PC's hard drive over your network.  The former approach allows you to set up multiple shows to record and then use the Transfer option in the Vulkano Player program on your PC to copy the MP4 files locally to the desktop/laptop computer's hard drive.  The latter approach I suggested, where you are recording directly to your PC over the network, will work also but but you can set up only one show to record at a time and then schedule your next one, and next, and next...

You ask, "Does the drive need to be the eSata drive supplied with the Vulkano Deluxe or can it be any USB external drive attached to the PC ?"  No, I used a spare USB attached external hard drive for the recordings.  Success will vary wiith that USB external HD you have, which has been emphasized by Monsoon tech.

You ask, "Does the Vulkano Deluxe decrypt the Dish Network stream so that it can be usable or does it just record it in an encrypted format?"  Remember that no recordings are being done to the VIP 625 DVR's hard drive.  You willl be attaching the included Component video cables and RCA stereo cables from your VIP 625 to your Vulkano Platinum Input. Then for at least your initial setup for your Platinum, you need to route the Video and Audio output to your TV, either Component or Composite. (Alternatively, you can do your initial setup from a PC but is not ideal)

Lets walk through one scenario that I know works after setting up my Vulkano Platinum and keep it simple so as to be not misunderstood.

1.  From my PC, running the Vulkano PC player program, I go to the EPG delivered schedule for my DISH service and click on a show to record at a specific time.

2.  The show records to the external hard drive I attached to my Vulkano Platinum via a USB connection.  When the recording is finished, I can use the 'Transfer' in my Vulkano PC player program to trasfer a copy of the show from the the USB attached hard drive to my PC's hard drive.  All shows go to a default directory on my PC set up when I installed the Vulkano PC player.

3.  Once the shows are stored locally as a result of using the 'Transfer' faciility, you can copy those video show files (after renaming) to an external hard drive to send to your son.  These files are in the MP4 compressed format, but are not encrypted.  I seem to remember a one hour show takes about a 1 GIG of storage.  Someone please correct me if I am incorrect here.  So, a 1 terabyte hard drive could store quite a few shows.  It would be preferable to include an installable version of the VLC media player program on the same hard drive you send to your son.  He may not have a media player program at his end capable of playing MP4 video files.

I hope this helps and would be glad to provide any additional hints as I get more used to my Vulkano Platinum that I've had for about 2 weeks.  Had a little set back last night and have to bring back up my prime PC that appears to have a bad power suppliy or failed motherboard. - Craig

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