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Can HAVA and Vulkano exist on same network subnet?
September 5, 2010
4:05 am
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April 20, 2010

eferz said: How long and how often have you been requesting this feature enchancement?

A few years and ask often enough or so lol

If Evolution Works, Why So Many Idiots?
September 5, 2010
6:18 am
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June 10, 2010


A few years and ask often enough or so lol


I guess this is not something that one should hold their breath while waiting for them to implement.

Evolutions obviously works, since idiots evolve too.
September 5, 2010
9:20 am
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August 26, 2010

no kidding


if you could specify ports, I'd probably have 2 or 3 units at home, to use as networked tuners

January 1, 2011
6:37 pm
Active Member
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January 1, 2011

I'm not sure if this should be a new thread or not. i figured I'd put it here in case anyone else is looking. This thread has been the most useful in setting this up. Sorry if it's a little long.





There is very little specific information about setting up both a new "Vulkano Platinum" and a "Hava Titanium HD WiFi" on the same home network. There were a few forum posts that indicated it could be done and some people have done it. There is a FAQ that mentioned setting up two Vulkanos. But no real support for this type of setup.

I purchased the Vulkano Platinum to replace a dead Slingbox. I already had good success using the Hava so I thought I would be able to get the most out of the new Vulkano. But, I didn't want to remove my Hava. I had both the Slingbox and the Hava setup for remote access (place shifting) and I used the Hava to record tv programs like a VCR.

I just finished setting up the Vulkano and I can report that it is indeed possible to have both the Vulkano and the Hava Titanium on the same home network and use both at the same time. However, there are issues that I have not resolved. Hopefully I will be able to find solutions. But, if not, I think I can live with some work-arounds.

I followed these steps to add the new Vulkano, keeping the old Hava in place:

Step 1 - Run Hava setup (Advanced) and write down all the settings for the LAN and the remote control, etc. I wanted to make sure I could put the Hava back to gether if I broke something. I also have the same STB model for the new Vulkano and could use the same remote settings.

Step 2 - Setup router/gateway to allow the new Vulkano access and setup up a static internal IP address. I set up both the Ethernet and WiFi MAC addresses and set up the port forwarding for the new Vulkano based on a few forum messages I read.

Step 3 - Plug in the Vulkano to the TV and the Ethernet cable from the router and run the Vulkano setup wizard using the included remote control. I entered the remote control settings and the IP addresses to match the router settings. The wizard tried to set up Wifi and port forwarding but the initial attempt failed. I skipped it for now and will come back to WiFi later.

Step 4 - Installed Windows PC Player for the new Vulkano. I tried first on my Windows 7 laptop but I couldn't get it to install and it broke my Hava PC Player. I deleted it and re-installed my Hava player. I then tried my wifes XP Home laptop. This time I deleted the Hava player first then I installed the new Vulkano player. It worked, even though I got a critical error message at the end. I attempted to start the setup wizard and it worked.

Step 5 - I used the PC Setup Wizard to finish the setup, verifying the IP addresses for both the WiFi and the LAN interfaces. I setup the friendly name and password and this time the wizard was able to finish the remote access setup. I unplugged the Ethernet and tried everything from Wifi and it all worked fine. Initial setup of the new Vulkano was done.

Step 6 - Tried to start my Hava PC Player on my Windows 7 laptop. The player could not find the local device - I just got a blank screen. When I clicked on the "remote control" icon I could see the problem. The player was trying to connect to the new Vulkano instead of my old Hava. I closed down the Hava PC Player and shut down the Vulkano (powered down). I then tried the Hava PC Player again - it worked. Everything worked as normal as long as the new Vulkano was off. Confirmation that Hava still works was done.

Step 7 - Tried to get both the Hava PC Player and the Vulkano PC Player running on two different computers, on the two separate STB feeds connected thru each device, at the same time. When I tried to open the Vulkano PC Player I got similar results as I did with the Hava PC Player, the player was trying to access the wrong device. I figured out that I could get both players working on each device as long as I started the Hava PC Player first with the Vulkano powered down, then plug in the Vulkano and start up the Vulkano PC Player and select the correct name for the new Vulkano device. This works to get both devices playing separate tuners on the network at the same time. Verification that both devices can exist on the same network at the same time was done.

Step 8 - Tried accessing both devices from outside my network, through the Internet. I installed the Vulkano PC Player on my office computer and tried to connect to the new Vulkano. It worked. But I could not see anything but an error message from my STB. I could hear sound and change channels. But the video display was not working. Somthing was wrong at the STB at home. I then tried another office computer to access the Hava - it worked. Verification that both devices can be reached from the Internet was done.

Step 9 - Troubleshoot the video problem. When I got home I checked the local Vulkano PC Player and the video error message was showing here also. As it turns out, my cable STB will not allow any output of video if the HDMI cable is attached but not active at the other end. When I was setting up at home I did not notice a problem because I had the TV setup to use the HDMI input from the STB. While I was away at the office my wife changed the TV input to the PS/3 and there was no longer a feedback signal from the TV to the HDMI port of the STB. I unplugged the HDMI cable from the STB and plugged component cables instead. Now the PC Player shows the video just fine. As long as I don't use the HDMI on the STB the STB will feed the Vulkano video in either Composite or Component no matter what I have the TV input set to. This is a quirk of the STB and not the Vulkano or the TV. I will need to work this out with my cable company. (Not very likely so will need to use a work-around).

(Note - this quirk has nothing to do with HDMI out port on the Vulkano. It doesn't matter if I Use that port to connect to the TV or not. The problem is with the HDMI port on the STB).

Step 10 - Connect some storage for recordings. I had an unused USB drive that I have used with my Hava so I plugged that into the new Vulkano. I was expecting it to be formatted but it seemd that the Vulkano will use this USB drive as is, in FAT32 format. I tried test a recording from the Vulkano PC Player, selecting the "Vulkano" as the storage instead of the "PC". I had my Hava PC Player running on the other laptop and as soon as I started the recording the Hava PC Player went into suspension, reminding me that a local recording was in progress. This suprised me - not thinking that the Hava and the Vulkano would interfere with one another's recording. Seems there is some connection between the two even though they will each display their own tuner's program independent of one another. Not sure if this will be a problem yet. Anyway, the USB hard disk works. Will test the SD slot later.

Some quirks -

While both devices can be played at the same time and accessed remotely at the same time it is not always clear which device will be found by either of the local PC players at any time. This also happens with the setup wizards. The only surefire way I have found to start up the local Hava device is to make sure the Vulkano is powered down first. Then, after the Hava is playing I can plug in the Vulkano and start it's player on the other computer.

With the setup wizards it works the same way, I have to have the Vulkano off to start the Hava setup wizard, but in addition I have to start the Vulkano PC Player first in order to get the Vulkano setup wizard to select the correct device - it sees two Vulkanos and always selects the Hava unless I first start the Vulkano PC Player.

I can't use the HDMI output of my Cable STB if I want to use the Vulkano - unless I keep the TV input set to the Cable STB HDMI input at all times. Since I got this Vulkano to replace a Slingbox used by my wife while she is at work, and I am at home, this won't work. If I change the TV input while she wants to use the Vulkano I will kill her video. My plan was to use the TV with another input while she was using the Vulkano (and the Cable STB). In order to do this I will have to switch to Component inputs to my TV from my STB.

I can't get digital sound to my TV using the Component cables from the STB. I can send the digital signal to my AVR (Stereo) using the Coax output of the Cable STB but I only have one Coax sound input on my AVR and I am using that for my PC. I have two Optical inputs on my AVR and one is open  but no optical outputs on the STB.  A possible work around is to get an optical output for my PC or a switch that will accept two Coax inputs.

Another possible work-around is to remember to unplug the HDMI cable from the STB when my wife wants to use the Vulkano. This might work since she could simply call me to remind me if I forget. I can't use the Cable STB anyway while she is using it with the Vulcano. It will be problem though if I forget to unplug the HDMI cable and then leave the house. Hopefully I will figure out a way to use both the HDMI and analog outputs on the STB at the same time.

(Note - I did not have this HDMI input problem on my Hava since I do not use the HDMI output on that STB. On that STB I only use the Composite and S-video outputs).

January 1, 2011
8:41 pm
Forum Posts: 789
Member Since:
April 20, 2010

Yes you are correct. Setup the two devices separately.

Then when on remote connection you will never have a problem.  On Lan disconnect the device you dont want to access with the PC player or wizard or as you said sometimes the HAVA Wizard connects to the Vulkano or vice versa.

If Evolution Works, Why So Many Idiots?

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