Jan 062011

Monsoon Multimedia announced two new products at CES 2011, expanding its lineup with a place-shifter specifically for smartphones and an all-in-one place-shifter/DVR.

The Vulkano Flow is a “smartphone accessory” that connects to any cable or satellite box and streams the content to smartphones.

The Flow works much like Vulkano, streaming video from any connected box to an Internet-connected device, using an IR blaster and an internal program guide to navigate channels. The $99 box is a simple and inexpensive way to watch television remotely, but smartpad and tablet owners will have to pay an additional $9.99 for the app (Windows and Mac players are free).

The Vulkano Blast takes the Flow’s features and expands upon them with DVR functionality and 160GB of internal storage. Not only can it place-shift television, but it can digitally record it to the onboard storage or any attached drive. It also can access YouTube, letting users watch the service on their home theater and watch it remotely using Vulkano’s software. Vulkano plans to add support for Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, and Yahoo Widgets in the future.

The Vulkano Flow and Blast will ship in January, with respective retail prices of $99 and $199. The player software is free for Windows and Mac, but if you want to watch television on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have to pay extra. Respective apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry will cost an additional $9.99

More details to follow….

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